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Création de Sapphire Alliance pour une approche globale du marché des systèmes rayons-X


Cheyney Design an Development, a global leader in the design and manufacture of xray inspection system components, has inaugurated the Sapphire Alliance at a conference in Kings College, Cambridge in England.

The Sapphire Alliance is a global group of the most experienced Xray Inspection companies, who are collaborating to produce the most reliable, best supported systems on the market. The individual alliance members have installed many hundreds of automatic Xray inspection systems, in many cases over a period of more than 20 years.

The Cheyney team started together in the early 1980’s developing some of the first automated gauging and statistical process control systems. Early in our history, development commenced on Xray components and automatic vision systems. We worked on some of the very first linear diode array Xray detectors as well as imaging electronics for both optical and Xray applications. Over the period the team has been responsible for many of the key developments in end-of-line Xray inspection working with the major names in the industry.

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