The Mouldy, Stinky, Stapled Solution 

It stinks. It's mouldy! Its packaging is stapled together....and we want you to develop a programme that inspects it for quality and contamination. Not your typical premium product brief!


Sapphire Launches High Resolution Xray for detection of small fish bones


Sapphire launched its G180 flat panel xray system in 2011, with a resolution meter of 75 microns, primarily for use in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Applications. After additional development, Sapphire installed an industry-first xray unit for detection of 0.2mm bones in fish filets, operating at speeds of over 100 inspections per minute. The combination of Sapphire's low energy generators, high resolution detectors, and intuitive software algorithms allow food producers to improve food safety to previously unattainable levels.

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