The Mouldy, Stinky, Stapled Solution 

It stinks. It's mouldy! Its packaging is stapled together....and we want you to develop a programme that inspects it for quality and contamination. Not your typical premium product brief!


Combi Trieuse pondérale et rayons-X en vue de côté.


In 2011, Sapphire launched a combination xray + checkweigher to meet a growing market need. Traditionally, Xray allows for a radiographic mass measurement to perform zoned mass measurement in multiproduct packages, or in applications where checkweigher accuracy is poor. However, checkweighers are used for confirming gravimetric weight per the labels on finished product. Customer demand pushed sapphire to introduce a combination system that integrates the load cell into the xray system.
While many flat belt xray + checkweigher systems have been installed, sapphire recently delivered its first side view xray + checkweigher combination system in the US. This system inspects the product for contaminants, performs a zoned mass inspection for each of two components in the package, and additionally provides a gravimetric weight from the integral load cell.

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