The Mouldy, Stinky, Stapled Solution 

It stinks. It's mouldy! Its packaging is stapled together....and we want you to develop a programme that inspects it for quality and contamination. Not your typical premium product brief!


Système rayons-X de très grand format pour les boulangerie, confiserie et les lignes Formax®


In 2009, Sapphire manufactured its first ultra wide format xray system for inspection of chocolates on a 6 foot wide belt. These systems are used to detect metal contaminants down to 1mm and glass, stone and some plastics at 3mm. After sales of multiple G90 ultra wide format xray systems in confection and bakery applications over the last 5 years, Sapphire is pleased to announce the launch of the G90 xray system for use with wide format meat processing lines such as Formax®. The wash-down xray system is able to inspect at speeds over 150 feet per minute with belts ranging from 24 - 72 inches wide. The G90 xray system will inspect up to 4000 products per minute and interfaces with up to 36 reject channels.

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