Women In Engineering 

To celebrate Women in Engineering Day (Saturday 23rd June), we would like to introduce Noga Sella, from Sapphire's engineering team...


Women In Engineering


To celebrate Women in Engineering day (Saturday 23rd June), we would like to introduce you to one of our female engineers.......

Noga Sella: Engineer - Sapphire Inspection Systems.

What attracted you to engineering?

In Year 4 Primary we studied Space, this is where my interest in science was sparked (in fact, I still have the topic folder at home). This love for Space led me to physics and from there to a career in engineering. Co-incidentally, my name in Hebrew translates as the planet Venus!

Do you have any female influences from the world of engineering?

The second year of my degree we were introduced to Noether's theorum (which explains the connection between symmetry and conservation laws). 

A rumour circulated the classroom that Noether was in fact....a  female mathematician. intrigued, I went to read more about Noether, her inspiration has stayed with me, so much so that I named my daughter after her.

What area of engineering do you enjoy most?

I enjoy investigating the root causes of a problem, experimenting and recreating the situation to fully understand a problem and find the solution or reason behind it. 

What advice would you give to aspiring female engineers?

If you are the only female at the table, in your workshop or classroom - do not be discouraged. There are many  more female engineers out there than you may realise just yet. Keep at it, more female engineers encourage more future female engineers!

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